At last! - Liquid Spirits will release their new soul album Years in 2021. After their 2015 instrumental project, Evolution of the New Spirit, Liquid Spirits’ founders and producers Wiboud Burkens and Manuel Hugas started a collaboration with singer and songwriter Ivan Peroti. And working with Ivan’s soulful voice definitely brings all musical spirits to the next level! The new album evolved from the relentless quest to create unique and authentic songs; hand crafted by real musicians. Using modern techniques, they created 8 brand-new but analogue sounding, groovy tracks which ooze the love of soul classics and underground hip-hop and jazz vibes, graced by the warm vocals of Ivan Peroti. The single ‘Years’ will be available on Spotify from February 14, 2021.

At the root of Liquid Spirits’ high acclaim is their hand-crafted indie soul & groove: authentic music, played by flesh and blood musicians, on real and mostly vintage instruments. On the other hand, a wide array of today’s technology and techniques are used to record exactly that groovy sound. Evidently, Liquid Spirits need no samples from others – each and every note is recorded spontaneously, first take, including the odd mistake. That’s why their music sounds like the best of both worlds – whether you play it on your favourite device, or they play it live for you in a club.

Liquid Spirits is the body-and-brainchild of two exceptional and experienced musicians, who earned their spurs playing with many world-famous musicians. A deep love and respect for Afro American music started to reflect when Wiboud Burkens (keys) and Manuel Hugas (bass) collaborated with singers N’Dambi, Carleen Anderson, Leon Ware, Michael Franti, and Sandra St. Victor in 2000. Sandra initiated the celebrated Daughters of Soul project. Liquid Spirits accompanied Lalah Hathaway (daughter of Donny), Indira Kahn (daughter of Chaka), Simone (daughter of Nina), Deniece Williams and Nona Hendryx on a highly successful world tour. In 2006, Wiboud and Manuel produced their hip-hop soul debut 'Liquid Spirits.' The album received great reviews and was an instant underground success in Japan.

Subsequently, in 2008 Manuel Hugas and Wiboud Burkens produced a song exclusively for Lalah Hathaway on her album Self Portrait. In 2010, Liquid Spirits released their second album Music, featuring Little Brothers' Phonté and late soul icon Leon Ware. This album was a tribute to solid sweat soul music, inspired by their collaboration with the Leon, who wrote and produced several albums for the legendary Marvin Gaye. Their third release, Evolution of the new Spirit, was received equally well in 2015 and, in 2019, had its title song released on the prestigious Super Sonic Jazz Family vol. 1. Later that year, Liquid Spirits was joined by singer songwriter Ivan Peroti. Ivan started his professional career in the 90’s R&B group Sat-R-Day, and toured extensively worldwide with Candy Dulfer. That’s where he met Manuel – long time bass player in the same band.

Ivan, Manuel, and Wiboud subsequently huddled together in their own studio - filled with obscure synths, rare basses, vintage mikes, weird tape recorders and other assorted tools - as well as in the inspiring Amsterdam recording studio Electric Monkey. There, Liquid Spirits are currently recording a new album, Years, to be released in 2021. Sweet backing vocals by Noah Lauryn and drummer Eric Hoeke’s unmistakable feel both add to a new, irresistible groove.